Philippines has been well-known as the “Pearl of the Orient Seas“. Why is that so? There are many reasons for this. You will be amazed by the wonderful lifestyle and culture of this country. Also, a lot of natural resources are found here. In other words, Philippines is a home of natural resources like gold, pearls, and different kinds of plants like fruit-bearing plants. It is a very wonderful country with a lot of beautiful destinations.

The life of Filipinos are simple yet happy. Filipinos are happy as long as they are with their family. This kind of bond is known as “family togetherness.” If there are problems like family, work or personal problems, Filipinos still manage to laugh and just be positive in any way.

A lot of foreigners visiting the Philippines can somehow have a culture shock. For example, in Manila or in any part of the Philippines which is hot, tourists can be shocked to see men who don’t wear a shirt. That’s already a part of their daily living and considered normal in the Philippines. In some part of the country, there are Filipinos who are very conservative and you can observe that on the way they dress themselves.

Culture in this country is being preserved. If children visit their grandparents, they do some gestures and say “mano po“. It is their way to show respect to their grandparents. Although we are now living in a modern generation, you can still observe this in some areas of the country. The bond between family is strong unlike other nation that focuses on individualism.