Like other countries, Philippines too, has a lot of beautiful and gracious dances known as “folk dances“. It is another way to show the country’s culture and tradition. These dances are also being preserved. It is being taught to the younger generation.

So, learn from these traditional folk dances of the Philippines.


This dance is a very well-known folk dance and serves as a symbol of the Philippines. It is the country’s national dance. The dance’s movements are based from the movements of a tikling bird. Bamboo poles are being used to perform this dance. It is performed by pairs. One pair holds the bamboo and the other performs the dance.

Pandanggo sa Ilaw

If you watch a live performance of this dance especially at night, you will be more amazed. It is also quite challenging because as a dancer, you need to be an expert in this dance. You should know how to balance. You will be using oil lamps, three of this to be specific. Focus is very important. The two oil lamps is put on top of your palm and the other is on top of your head.

Sayaw sa Bangko

 Bangko means bench. Performers of this dance needs to balance themselves all throughout the dance. In other words, this dance is a dance of balance. Amazing dance movements are shown while the pair of dancers are on the narrow bench.

Itik- itik

It is a duck dance. You can imagine the movements of a duck. This dance based its movements from the duck movements. It is quite funny when you watch it but it is also a wonderful dance.